Ship Registry Division



To ensure that the operation of registration is efficient and effective in accordance with the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952 and the rules in force.



  • Coordinate and monitor ship registration activities at Marine Head Office and Registrar Office:

    • Malaysian Ship Registry

    • Malaysian International Ship Registry

    • Langkawi International Yacht Registry

    • Terminable Ship Registry

  • Regulate boat licensing matters.

  • Conduct validation inspection on ships registration in Malaysia.



  • Issue Certificate of Survey.

  • Prepare statistics on ships registration for maritime industry usage in Malaysia.

  • Coordinate, monitor and approve the application and approval of the vessel name and register the ship based on the review of the documents, plans and ship registration system.

  • Analyze the proposals relating to the development of shipping policies.

  • Coordinate and monitor Carving and Marking Inspection domestically and also internationally for the purpose of registration of Permanent Ship Registry under the ship registration system.

  • Coordinate and facilitate the verification status and originality (genuinnity) with the country producing cancellation of registration (deletion certificate) for the purpose of registering ships in Malaysia.

  • Coordinate, monitor and facilitate mortgage arrangements and the status of charges/bankruptcy with lenders charging to ship owners, stakeholders, companies Commission of Malaysia and of the Court of Admiralty.

  • Coordinate and monitor the boat/ship inspection for the purposes of the registration of ships and boat licensing.

  • Coordinate, facilitate and assist any enforcement agencies/organizations interested in obtaining information regarding boat licensing and ship registration.

  • Coordinate, facilitate and assist stakeholders by providing information regarding boat licensing and ship registrations for the purpose of ship transcript.