Maritime Transport Training Institute (MATRAIN)



  • Provide quality courses and training to meet the needs of all personnel under Marine Department Malaysia towards high-performance services.

  • Provide a complete, standardized and comfortable training facilities to meet the standards and the requirements of the department and the maritime transportation industry.

  • Provide facilities, training and space for the industry and other government agencies to share expertise in the development of maritime transportation industry of the country.

  • Collaborate with local and foreign institutions in terms of training and research in the maritime transportation industry.



  • Design, implement and manage related Functional and Generic courses to meet the needs of the department and also the maritime industry.

  • Develop and provide modules and detailed teaching syllabus, identify relevant experts associated and ensure the course is in compliance with the accreditation standards.

  • Organise courses under the Malaysia Training Centre (MTC).

  • Coordinate and implement cooperation programs with research institutions under the MoU. (Public / Private / Foreign).



  • Prepare annual calendar for programs, courses and trainings offered.

  • Coordination with local and international maritime institutions to increase productivity programs, training and courses offered.

  • Plan, prepare and coordinate training related to international regulations as Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS), Marine Pollution (MARPOL), Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW), the International Assocoation of Light House Authority (IALA) and etc.

  • Coordinate and manage the career development courses such as Mate Domestic Limited, COC refresher course, Food Handling and Catering on board.

  • Implemet Training and Need Analysis for implemented courses.

  • Manage application for sponsorship and donations from national and internation (IMO Integrated Technical Cooperation Program (TCP), the ASEAN Strategic Partnership and the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP).


Rental Rate for MATRAIN Facilities