Maritime Transport Training Institute (MATRAIN)

  1. What courses are offered in Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN)?

    Courses held at MATRAIN are specifically for staff of the Marine Department Malaysia. There are certain courses that open to outsiders including domestic and international training courses such as Basic Boat Handling, courses under The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) and others.
  2. Does other agency could organize any courses or programs at the Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN)?

    Yes, they can. Other agencies may contact the MATRAIN Registrar Office for further information on the application. Price rate for the available MATRAIN facilities are as follows. Rental Rate for MATRAIN Facilities
  3. What are the facilities available at the Maritime Transport Training Institute (MATRAIN)?

    The Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN) is equipped with two blocks apartment of 44 houses, swimming pools, auditorium, lecture room, computer lab, cafeteria, sports facilities (takraw, futsal and netball court), bridge simulator, smoke house and boat house.
  4. Can the public use the jetty at the Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN) for fishing?

    No, they can’t.
  5. Can the public use the jetty facility at the Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN) to place a personal-owned boat?

    No, they can’t.
  6. Can the public use sports facilities/any facilities at the Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN)?

    The public can use sports/any facilities at Maritime Training Institute (MATRAIN) subject to the approval of the MATRAIN Director according to certain rate of fees.