Maritime Operation Division



Ensure dredging, hydrographic survey, wreck management, port and Marine Department fleet management as per outlined in the national and international regulations.



  • Plan, manage and supervise dredging, hydro graphic and wreck management activities.

  • Plan,analyze and assist port management activities.

  • As One Stop Center to record, manage and assist Fleet / boat Management under regional offices.



  • Supervise salvage ativities and Receiver of Wreck.

  • Manage, plan, supervise and perform activities on hydrography, dredging of the Sand mining and Sea-Mining.

  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of Port State Control and Flag State Control.

  •  Coordinate and monitor barter trade activities / operations at Malaysian ports.

  • Supervise and monitor the implementation of Online Ship Clearance System.

  • Management of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) ship entry and the permission of foreign military vessels / Foreign coastguards to Port facilities in Malaysia.

  • Accepting approval for the procedure of sampling, test and control of moisture content in solid liquid bulk cargo in compliance with the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Code.

  • Coordinate and manage legal issues and offer compound for offenses under the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952.

  • Coordinate, analyze, implement, support and manage security investigation of Malaysian registered ship abroad and also on port authorities, port operators, oil platform or on floating storage unit.

  • Coordinate, analyze, implement, assist and manage accident investigations relating to the safety of ships in Malaysia and any Malaysian registration vessels abroad.