Maritime Industrial Control Division

  1. What are the procedure to apply the exemption or extension under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), Marine Pollution (MARPOL) Collision Regulations (COLREG), Load Line, Special Purposes Ship (SPS), High Speed Craft (HSC) Code, Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit (MODU) Code, Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (PSSC) and Passenger certificate (PC)?

    Application can be made by filling out the MSN 05/2008 form complete with the class (RO) recommendation. Applications will be processes within 3 working days. MSN 05/2008 form can be acquired on the official website www.marine.gov.my.

  2. What is the procedure to apply for Malaysian ships inspection which been classified under the Malaysia Government (KM)?

    An application for carrying out a vessel or vessel inspection can be done by completing an application form which can be found on the Marine Department's official website. The completed form must be submitted via email or directly to the Maritime Industry Control Division.

  3. What are the requirement designated to apply for the establishment of maritime training institutions.

    An application for an establishment of a maritime training institution may refer to the 1/99 Marine Guidance Notes (NMPM).

  4. What is the address of the existing maritime training institute offers modular courses in conformity with the Standard of Training Certification and Watchkeeping 1978 (Manila amendments 2010)?

    Maritime Training Institutions approved by the Marine Department of Malaysia under the requirements of the STCW 78 (Manila Amendments) convention as listed in the Marine Department official website and may continue to communicate with the maritime training institute.

  5. Which clinic can I refer to for medical examination as seafarers?

    You may do a medical examination at any clinic or panel which recognize by the Marine Department of Malaysia as listed on the official website Marine Department Malaysia.

  6. What are the requirements to be a medical practitioner approved by Marine Department?

    Applicants need to complete the online application (SDPX) and submit directly to Head Office, Marine Department Malaysia together with copies of documents duly certified as true copy as below:

    1. One (1) colour photograph (Identification Card photo size)
    2. Copy of Identification Card
    3. Certificate of Medical Practitioner
    4. Copy of Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) certificate
    5. Copy of diploma/degree in Occupational Health/ Medicine or Certificate of attendance of Familiarization course conducted by Marine Department
      **For more information, please refer to NMPM 11/1999 & NMPM 17/1999  at Marine Department Official Website.
  7. When is the Examination for the Certificate of Competency going to be held by Marine Department?

    The examination schedule for the certificate of competency can be found at official website of Malaysia Marine Department or through the Seafarers Document system (SPDX).

  8. How much is the fee charged for the Certificate of Recognition application?

    The fees for each application are based on types of application as follows:

    1. New application: RM 600.00
    2. Renewed Application: RM 600.00
    3. Lost/Damage: RM 600.00
      **Payment shall be made to ‘AKAUNTAN NEGARA MALAYSIA-MOT-T’ in a form of companies cheque, postal order, money order or Bank Draft
  9. How long it takes for the Certificate of Recognition to be issued?

    The Certificate of Recognition will be issued within 1 working day after complete submission of the application.

  10. From which country is the holder of the Certificate of Competency is eligible to apply for the Certificate of Recognition?

    The Certificate of Recognition can be issued to the Seafarers who is holding the Certificate of Competency which the Country sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Malaysia.

  11. What is the validity period of a Certificate of Recognition (COR)?

    Validity period of a Certificate of Recognition (COR) shall be not more than one year. If the validity of the Certificate of Competency (COC) is less than one year then the validity of a Certificate of Recognition (COR) will be expired as the same day, the Certificate of Competency (COC) expires. When applying for the Certificate of Recognition (COR), the validity of the Certificate of Competency (COC) should not be less than 6 months, so that the application can be processed.

  12. I would like to apply for (Safe Manning Document), what are the requirement that I need to complied with?

    Requirements and guidelines for the application of Safe Manning Documents are stated in NPM7/2009 and NPM29/2011.

  13. ow much is the fee charged for the application for the Safe Manning Document?

    Fee applied based on types of applications as stated in NPM 6/2010.

  14. How long it takes for the Safe Manning Document to be processed?

    Application for the Safe Manning Document will complete processed within 3 working days.

  15. What are the requirement need to be follow if a vessel would like to have more than one Safe Manning Document?

    A vessel can have more than one Safe Manning Document depending on the type of shipping either Domestic, Coastal or Unrestricted. The requirement that need to be followed are as outline in NPM7/2009.

  16. How long is the validity period of a Safe Manning Document?

    The Safe Manning Document validity period is five years.

  17. What are the procedure of Card application and Seafarer’s Book?

    Seafarers should undergo medical check-ups at panel clinics which are recognized by the Marine Department of Malaysia and make an online application through the Seafarers Documents (SDPx) system at Marine Office at every regions.

  18. How much is the fee charged for a Seafarer’s Card application?

    ee for the Seafarer’s card application can be refer to the Marine Guidance Notes (NMPM 6/2010).