19. What is the quantity of oil cargo that requires a ship to have the 1992 CLC Insurance Certificate?


The vessel obliged to own the 1992 CLC Insurance Certificate is a ship that carries oil as a cargo exceeding 2,000 tons.

Please refer to Malaysia Shipping Notice NPM 57/2005 which is read in conjunction with the Merchant Shipping Notice JL 4/1995.

Malaysian Ship Registry


10. Who is eligible as a Malaysian Ship owner?

Eligibility as the owner of a Malaysian ship: -

  1. Malaysian Citizenship;
  2. If it is owned by a company, the company must be incorporated in Malaysia;
  3. Has headquarters in Malaysia;
  4. Majority (51% or more) of the shareholding are held by Malaysian citizens;
  5. Majority of the board of directors are Malaysian citizens

11. Where can the ship be registered?

9. How to register a ship’s mortgage?


There are two kinds of mortgages, first is to secure principal sum and interest and second is to secure account current. An application to register a chartered vessel must be in Form 247/249/251 and the original document or certified copy of the contract and the act of agreement. Fees charged for this process are based on the xxxx schedule, the Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1952.

8. How can amendment of the vessel information can be made?


The Ship Inspector needs to check the vessel to verify the details of the details and issue a Ship Inspection Certificate. For the amendment of the ship's engine details, the documents to be submitted are: -

  1. Certificate of Survey;
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration of the ship;
  3. Form 255-Pin 1/99 which certified by the Ship Surveyor;
  4. Survey Form 118 – Ship Engine Declaration

For the amendment of the ship tonnage, the document to be submitted are: -

7. How can amendment of the ownership information of the vessel can be made?


In the case of an individual ownership, the ship owner or the designated vessel manager is allowed to apply for a change of ownership of vessel information at the registrar's office by submitting the following documents:

  1. A copy of Identification Card;
  2. Appointment of Ship Manager;
  3. Declaration of Ownership;
  4. Original Bills of Sale referring to the last registered owner;
  5. Original Certificate of Registration of the ship

For the case of corporate body ownership: -