Ship Registration Division

5. How to register a ship?


Before a ship can be registered, the ship's name must be approved. Ship name application may be made at any Registrar's office. Once the registered name of the ship is approved, the application for registration of the vessel may be made at any of the registrar's office.

Normally, a Ship Certificate (Provisional Registry) will be issued by the Registrar of Ship before the Certificate of Registry is issued subject to the conditions stipulated by the Registrar of Vessels.

3. Under what circumstances should the ship be re-registered or renewed registration?


Re-registration is a term used under the Merchant Shipping Ordinance whereby the registration of the ship has been terminated earlier and subsequently re-registered.

Examples of common cases are as follows: -

1. Why do ships need to be registered?


There are two main reasons why a ship needs be registered. Firstly, it is to update the identity of the ship and to proof the Flag State or nationality of a ship. Registration also allows recording / registering of information related to mortgages where the ship is pledged as security. Registered ships can claim privileges and sovereign protection from the registered Flag State.