The Marine Department is a government Department under the purview of the Ministry of Transport Malaysia. The objective is to manage administrative related to shipping and ports including maritime affairs within Malaysian waters. Before the establish of the marine Department of Peninsular Malaysia, there were three separate marine departments include Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, each headed by tree different Head of Services. On 1st January 2011, The three Marine Department was integrated to form the Marine Department Of Malaysia. The first Director Geberal of Marine Department is YBhg. Dato Captain Hj. Ahmad Bin Othman.


Leader in Maritime Transport System


Establishing a Maritime Transportation System based on the Development and Monitoring of National and International Standards.


Spur Towards quality development of national maritime policy by establish a safe, secure maritime transport and marine environment protection.


Safer Ships, Secure Ports, Cleaner Seas


  1. Ensure the safety of merchant ships
  2. To provide shipping services to commercial vessels such as vessel inspection, certification, registration and licensing
  3. To provide shipping services to ships entering into the Malaysian waters and Port;
  4. Supervise exams for seafares


  1. Registration of ships and licensing of boats;
  2. Regulating shipping laws;
  3. Ship Safety Inspections;
  4. Flag State and Port State Control Inspection Performance;
  5. Regulating the International Safety Management Code (ISM Code);
  6. Marine Accident Investigation
  7. Maritime Safety and Ship Inspections
  8. Training and examination;
  9. Prevention and control of marine pollution;
  10. Marine Aids to Navigation management
  11. Implement and monitor the implementation of international convention.