Ports, Logistics and Maritime Trade Division


Spur the growth of port, logistics and trade through the empowerment of safe and systematic maritime transport system.


  • Formulate, enact and improve regulations, rules and guidelines for new and existing laws, related to the port, logistics and trade.

  • Plan, coordinate, and regulate the development, management, and implementation as well as cooperation and continuity of bilateral maritime related activities, ports, logistics and trade.

  • Secretariat of the Main Committee and Permanent Member (One Stop Center) performing consultative discussions relating to ports, logistics and trade at the national and international level.


  • Construct new laws, regulations, rules and guidelines for the nation based on International legislation adopted.

  • Update, analyze and add value to the existing laws, regulations, rules and guidelines based on International legislation adopted. 

  • Set policy/plan on development, management, and implementation at relevant maritime ports, logistics, and trade.

  • Analyze, regulate and monitor the service operations relating to port, logistics and trade.

  • Planning, designing, and review bilateral relations in the field of ports, logistics, and trade.