Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)


This Guideline is in response to the amendments of the international regulatory requirements of SOLAS to enhance maritime security. The Marine Department Malaysia under the powers of the Government of Malaysia shall issue Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). The CSR must be kept on board of ship and may be referred at all times.


Regulation XI-1/5, SOLAS 1974, as amended provides in detail that all ships complying with the SOLAS requiremenst must keep the CSR on board of the ship with effect from 1 July 2004. The CSR is required for all ships registered in Malaysia except for the followings :

1. Ships which are operating in the international navigation route 
2. Cargo ships of less than 500 GT 
3. Ships which are not maneuvered by mechanical propulsion 
4. Yachts which are not involved in business

Contact Address
Ship Registration Unit 
Industrial Control Division 
Marine Department Peninsula Malaysia 
P.O. Box 12, Jalan Limbungan 
42007 Port Kelang 
Selangor Darul Ehsan 
Tel : 603 - 3346 7741
Fax : 603 - 3168 4454
Schedule of Fee
The fee for issuance of CSR is RM345.00, which is pursuant to the Merchant Shipping (Surveyors of Ships and Radio Surveyors) (Fees) Rules in force.
Reference can be made to the IMO ResA959 (23), MSC Resolution 198(80), Malaysia Shipping Notice (NPM) 02/2008and Marine Information and Guidance Notes - NMPM 01/2008

List of CSR Forms

  1. Initial CSR Form - Form 1
  2. CSR Amendment Form - Form 2
  3. List of Amendments (updated by Master) - Form 3 

Application for CSR must be submitted to the Registrar General of Malaysian Ships at the Ships Registration Unit, Marine Head Office, Marine Department Peninsula Malaysia.

  1. Application of CSR for the First Time

Kindly attach a copy the following documents :

  • Certificate of Classification
  • Document of Compliance
  • Safety Management Certificate
  • International Ship Security Certificate
  1. Application to Revise CSR

Kindly attach a copy of the following documents :

  • Form 2 (CSR Amendment Form)
  • Form in accordance with the CSR's information to be amended
  • CSB Amendments to the Document
  • Information No. 7 - Document of Compliance / Safety Management Certificate
  • Information No. 9 - Document of Compliance
  • Information No. 10 - Document of Compliance / Safety Management Certificate
  • Information No. 11 - Certificate of Classification
  • Information No. 12 - Document of Compliance  
  • Information No. 13 - Safety Management Certificate
  • Information No. 14 - International Ship Security Certificate

For amendments of No. 4, 5 (Port Registy in Malaysia) and 6 of CSR information, the ship's registry information should be verified at the relevant Port of Registry office in accordance with the procedure established.

  1. Application of CSR - Transfer to Malaysian Flag

Kindly attach a copy of the following document :

  • Form 2 (CSR Amendment Form)
  • The latest CSR by the previous Flag State registry
  • If other CSR information (except information in No. 4, 5 and 6) is to be amended concurrently, then the document in paragraph 2(a) applies.
  1. Application of CSR - Closure of Ship Registration

The ship must possess a Certificate of Deletion issued by the Registrar of Ships.

Marine Department will verify the submitted data; even though it is the obligation of the owner to ensure that all information provided in the application form is correct. Any inaccurate information may delay the application process or inaccuracy in the CSR issued.