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4. How to register a ship's mortgage? 

There are two kinds of mortgages, firstly is to secure a loan of principal sum with interest and secondly is to secure a current account or similar transactions. The application to register a mortgage shall be accompanied with the appropriate mortgage forms (Form 247/249/251), an original or certified true copy of Deeds of Covenant. There are fees to be paid which are calculated based on the tonnage of the ships.

Traditional Ship Registration

Am I entitled to register my ship?

The qualifications to register a ship as a Malaysian ship are:

  • The owners of the ship are Malaysian citizens
  • If it is owned by a company, the company must be incorporated in Malaysia
  • The company shall have a principal office in Malaysia
  • Majority (51% or more) of the shareholding are held by Malaysian citizens
  • Majority of the board of directors are Malaysian citizens

5. Where to register a ship?

The ports of registry in Malaysia are Port Klang, Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

Malaysian International Ship Registry

Am I entitled to register under the  Malaysian International Ship Registry?

The qualifications to register ships under the Malaysian International Ship Registry  are:

  • Company incorporated in Malaysia
  • Office is in Malaysia
  • Majority (51% or more) of the shareholding are held by  foreigner
  • Paid up capital of at least 10 % of the value of the ship or Ringgit Malaysia One Million, whichever is higher

6. Where can I register my ship under the Malaysia International Ship Registry?

Port of Registry Office of Malaysian International Ship Registry is located at Marine Department Federal Territory of Labuan

7. Is there any restriction to register ships under the Malaysian International Ship Registry?

To register a ship under the Malaysian International Ship Registry, the ship shall meet the following criteria:-

  • Equipped with mechanical propulsion system
  • Not less than 1,600 gross tonnage
  • Not more than 15 years if it is a tanker or a bulk carrier
  • Not more than 20 years if it is other than above