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Fom the lighthouse on Pulau Tikus in a straight line to the harbour-mark northward of Bagan Jermal in Province Wellesley thence along the shore of Province Wellesley to the right bank of themouth of the River Prai, thence up the right bank of the said river to the pontoon bridge, thence across that bridge and down the left bank of the mouth of the said river, thence along the shore tothe harbour-mark situated northwards of Juru River, thence in the straight line westward throughthe said harbour-mark to the harbour-mark situated southward of the Gelugor River entrance,Penang Island, thence along the shore of Penang Island to Tanjung Bunga and thence in thestraight line to the said lighthouse on Pulau Tikus , including the Penang River as far as Dato' Kramat Bridge, and all creeks and water ways between the southern harbour-mark on Penang Island and the lighthouse on Pulau Tikus and including all piers, jetties, landing places, wharves,qays, docks, and other similar works within the limits above set out, whether within or without the line of high water mark and (subject to any rights of private property therein) all portions oufthe shore or bank within fifty yards of high-water mark.