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Why ships must be registered?

There are two main reasons why a ship should be registered. Firstly, it is to establish the identity of the ship owner as well as proof of Flag State and registration state of a ship. Registration also allows recording / registering of information related to mortgages where the ship is pledged as security. Registered ships can claim privileges and sovereign protection from the Flag State where the ship is registered.

Must all ships be registered?

There are three categories of ships that are exempted from registration,namely :

  • Ships that do not exceed 15 net tonnage
  • Licensed boats
  • Local fishing vessel of 500 GT and below operating within Malaysian waters

In what circumstances do I need to re-register and register anew?

Register anew is a process where the current particulars of a ship, including its Official Number,  ownership and any encumbrances, are re-entered in the Ship Register.

Re-registry is a term used under the Ordinance where the registration of a vessel has been previously terminated and now is subject to a fresh registration. Examples of events leading to re-registry are:-

(a) Registration is terminated on sale of ship to foreigners, reacquired by Malaysian and re-registered in the Malaysian register.

(b) Registration is terminated on abandonment of ship as a wreck or constructively lost but subsequently recovered.

(c) Registration is terminated following application to license under Boat Licensing Rules. Ship subsequently sold to another Malaysian requiring title registration.

(d) Registration of ship declared as void ship by a competent court

What are the changes that must be notified to the Ship Registrar?

Ship owners must notify any amendments or changes in the ship's information that affect the information in the Certificate of Registry, for example, change of address or ship's tonnage.

How to register a ship?

The ship's name has to be approved prior to its registration. The application for ship name can be made at any port of registry office. Upon the approval of the name, application to register a ship can be made at any port of registry office of one's choice.

In most circumstances, a provisional certificate of registry will be issued by the Registrar of Ship for a maximum period of six (6) months pending the carving and marking of ships name and port of registry.

What are the documents required for the registration?

Documents that are required for the registration application are:

  • Application for the registration of ship
  • Declaration of ship ownership
  • Original documents such as Builders Certificate (for new ship), Bills of Sale, Invoices, Proof of Ownership, etc.
  • Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement issued by Marine Surveyors.
  • If the vessel is over 24 meters in length, an International Tonnage Certificate 1969 is required
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation if owner is a body corporate
  • If the vessel was acquired from a foreign owner or foreign Flag State,  a deletion certificate and an extract of its registration.

How do I effect the change of ownership information?

In the case of an individual owner, the appointed Ship Manager or the owner  may effect the change of ownership information at the port of registry office by submitting :

  • A copy of Identification Card
  • Appointment of Ship Manager
  • Declaration of Ownership
  • Original Bills of Sale reffering to the last registered owner
  • Original Certificate of Registration


In the case of corporate ownership;
  • Declaration of Ownership
  • Appointment of Ship Manager
  • Original Bills of Sale reffering to the last registered owner
  • Original Certificate of Ship Registration
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation of Company (Form 9)
  • Return of Allotment of Share (Form 24) of Company Act 1965
  • Form 49 of Company Act 1965


How do I effect changes of ship's particulars?


Before notifying the Registrar of the changes of ship's particulars, a marine surveyor shall inspect the ship to verify the changes and issues a Certificate of Survey.

For change in ship's engine particulars, the documents to be submitted are:

  • Certificate of Survey
  • Copy of  Certificate of Registration
  • Marine 255 - Amendment 1/99 Form which has been endorsed by the marine surveyor
  • Survey 118 Form - Declaration of ship�s engine

For change in ship's tonnage paticulars, the documents to be submitted are:

  • Certificate of Survey
  • Copy of Certificate of Registration
  • Marine 255 - Amendment 1/99 Form
  • A copy of International Tonnage Certificate 1969